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0208 501 2100

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Reduce Your Carbon with Solar Cube Ltd

Solar roof tiles installed on a house Solar roof tiles installed on houses in an estate

You can reduce your carbon emissions for you building via many different forms of renewable energy sources available. With photovoltaic's, a main advantage over its competitors are that there are no moving parts. With no moving parts, there is no risk of component fatigue and needing replacement components.

As there are no moving parts to keep the technology working, there are no running costs with photovoltaics. Once the system has been designed and installed, it can be left alone. The system will continue to work for over 25 years without any further financial input required.

Photovoltaic's is one of the few renewable energy sources with predictable power output. When making the decision which form of renewable is best suited for your project, the knowledge of knowing what output you can expect throughout a 25 year period, allows for forward planning.

Why use Solar Cube?

Solar Cube work closely with architects, developers, contractors and MCS electricians, to offer solutions in photovoltaic's, for all aspects of building work. Our advice is free, friendly and impartial, ensuring our clients find the correct solution for their PV needs. Working closely with the largest manufacturers in Europe, Solar Cube is proud to be able to offer unique products to the UK. We can also offer 30 year product guarantees, higher than competitive products currently in the marketplace.

Solar Cube guide our clients through the whole process, from design to completion through our approved list of installers, ensuring the process is a smooth transition, eliminating any concerns you may of had regarding solar. At Solar Cube we are committed to offering you the highest levels of service possible, making the transition from traditional to solar power a problem free experience. From the outset we will appoint a project director to work with you to design, implement and execute your move to environmentally friendly power usage.

Further information

If you would like to know more, or are interested in a quotation we would be happy to help. Telephone us on 0208 501 2100, email us at, or fill in our enquiry form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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